It took a while to get there but I can’t imagine what it would have been like to try and have a baby without Margaret.  I had about a million obstacles...Read More »

Kelly Greene

Margaret has brought me great comfort and healing. First, she relieved a bad case of sciatica. After two treatments, I could feel the pain drain from my leg.

Following that success, she...Read More »


I received acupuncture treatments from Margaret for six months while also undergoing two rounds of IVF. The acupuncture complemented the other regime very well: Margaret is a good listener, taking a...Read More »


I came to Margaret at the recommendation of a friend who suggested that she may be able to help me healthily conceive and carry a child after enduring two miscarriages. I’d...Read More »


I’ve been seeing Margaret now for almost 6 years, through my first child’s toddler-hood, the unexpected challenges of conceiving my second child and the subsequent post-partum depression I faced after her...Read More »