About Margaret

Margaret trained at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, one of the nation's oldest accredited colleges granting Masters Degrees in Chinese Medicine.

She apprenticed with one of New York’s foremost experts in the field and continues to study and practice alongside the most respected names in the field, sharing her beautiful 23rd Street offices with some of the city’s most talented practitioners. She attends lectures and peer review groups, and studies independently to deepen her understanding of this amazing medicine.  She’s deepened her practice with a two-year dermatology intensive with the globally recognized expert in the field.

Uniquely Margaret:

Margaret hit the midcentury mark recently. Getting there included a circuitous path of raising kids (now teenagers), growing her practice, caring for various friends and loved ones, and all the attendant fatigue of a busy but fulfilling life.  Along the way, her doctor reported her cholesterol level was going up, matching a growing waist size.  Something had to be done.

That’s when she really kicked off her own health journey.  It was a process, but, many miles, some setbacks, and a lot of learning later, she celebrated her 50th in Iceland running a half marathon with pals who helped her get off the couch way back when.  

Since then, countless road races, yoga and spinning classes, Pilates sessions and many acupuncture appointments later, she is using all of this to help her patients get on their own roads to wellness. 

Judgment free, compassionate and well informed, she brings to her 16+ years of practice and real life experience into each treatment.