Today is the first real scorcher of 2018.

I can’t help but think this kind of weather is exactly what the ancient Chinese medicine scholars were thinking about when they described long hot summer days as ‘yang within yang.’  Yang translates as heat, activity, energy, motion, and growing.  Summer is its season.

For many, summer is defined by more weekend getaways, abundant farmer’s markets, earlier mornings and later evenings, barbeques, beach trips, getting out and about, a lot!  You name it - we’re trying to get it done, knowing that come winter, we’re typically in full retreat.

How will you live your best blazing-hot summer?  

Hopefully, well hydrated with a hat and sunscreen.  And with plenty of fun. The days are extra long, so get in the beach visits, outdoor concerts, ferry rides, visits with friends, barbeques, picnics, and more. 

Oh, and pace yourself.  There are 12 weeks, so, especially for those weekend warriors among us, go easy!  Definitely consider an acupuncture tune-up to keep you going. Click here to schedule.

And if you’re stuck at your desk and can’t get out there today, here’s something to tide you over.


Happy Summer!

The first question an acupuncturist often gets is “does acupuncture work for treating ____________?”


In her 16+ years of clinical experience, Margaret never tires of this question and is delighted to generally answer "yes."


Back when Jimmy Carter was president, the World Health Organization compiled a list of nearly fifty diseases that were likely to be responsive to acupuncture.  Thirty years and countless clinical trials later, the WHO nearly doubled this list.