Here are some of the services we provide. If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out.



Acupuncture is unique in its ability to calm the nervous system and unblock areas that are stuck.  The process produces a deep sense of calm and promotes healing by balancing the body's energy.  Some feel a slight sensation when the needles are inserted and almost all experience a deep state of relaxation, often falling asleep.



Chinese herbs are part of the rich tradition that encompasses Traditional Chinese Medicine. The pharmacopeia include common plants you probably have in your kitchen, like cinnamon and ginger, as well as more exotic ones, and are used to treat a myriad of diseases. Training in Chinese herbal medicine requires a special level of scholarship and discipline. Not all acupuncturists are herbalists.  Margaret’s is committed to this deeper understanding of the medicine and even patients who are not using herbs benefit from this.


other services

The list is long. Margaret incorporates massage, cupping, gua sha, moxabustion and electric stimulation when it is appropriate.  The toolbox is deep and we use any and all modalities to help you feel better.