About Margaret

Margaret trained at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, one of the nation's oldest accredited colleges granting Masters Degrees in Chinese Medicine.

She apprenticed with one of New York’s foremost experts in the field and continues to study and practice alongside the most respected names in the field, sharing her beautiful 23rd Street offices with some of the city’s most talented practitioners. She attends lectures and peer review groups, and studies independently to deepen her understanding of this amazing medicine.  She’s deepened her practice with a two-year dermatology intensive with the globally recognized expert in the field.

Uniquely Margaret:

Margaret hit the midcentury mark recently. Getting there included a circuitous path of raising kids (now teenagers), growing her practice, caring for various friends and loved ones, and all the attendant fatigue of a busy but fulfilling life.  Along the way, her doctor reported her cholesterol level was going up, matching a growing waist size.  Something had to be done.

That’s when she really kicked off her own health journey.  It was a process, but, many miles, some setbacks, and a lot of learning later, she celebrated her 50th in Iceland running a half marathon with pals who helped her get off the couch way back when.  

Since then, countless road races, yoga and spinning classes, Pilates sessions and many acupuncture appointments later, she is using all of this to help her patients get on their own roads to wellness. 

Judgment free, compassionate and well informed, she brings to her 16+ years of practice and real life experience into each treatment. 


Here are some of the services we provide. If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out.



Acupuncture is unique in its ability to calm the nervous system and unblock areas that are stuck.  The process produces a deep sense of calm and promotes healing by balancing the body's energy.  Some feel a slight sensation when the needles are inserted and almost all experience a deep state of relaxation, often falling asleep.



Chinese herbs are part of the rich tradition that encompasses Traditional Chinese Medicine. The pharmacopeia include common plants you probably have in your kitchen, like cinnamon and ginger, as well as more exotic ones, and are used to treat a myriad of diseases. Training in Chinese herbal medicine requires a special level of scholarship and discipline. Not all acupuncturists are herbalists.  Margaret’s is committed to this deeper understanding of the medicine and even patients who are not using herbs benefit from this.


other services

The list is long. Margaret incorporates massage, cupping, gua sha, moxabustion and electric stimulation when it is appropriate.  The toolbox is deep and we use any and all modalities to help you feel better.

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This office is spectacular, designed to promote calm and healing.  An oasis, really.  Centrally located, too. Come by for a visit.

Prefer to stay home? No problem. I can come to you. Email, call or text to schedule a home visit.


119 West 23rd Street, Suite 802
New York, NY 10011


What my patients say...


It took a while to get there but I can’t imagine what it would have been like to try and have a baby without Margaret.  I had about a million obstacles to overcome, and with her I was able to.  Now, I’m planning a first birthday party for a round, soft, two-tooth wonder girl that I love more than anything.  Thanks, Margaret.

Kelly Greene

Margaret has brought me great comfort and healing. First, she relieved a bad case of sciatica. After two treatments, I could feel the pain drain from my leg.

Following that success, she helped me make it through the first trimester of pregnancy — after six first-trimester miscarriages.

Acupuncture has made the difference.

Margaret is amazing, kind and expert in her field, along with being a delight to work with.

I will always be grateful to her for restoring my health, and I hope other women in my situation will be lucky enough to find her.

Thank you, Margaret!


I received acupuncture treatments from Margaret for six months while also undergoing two rounds of IVF. The acupuncture complemented the other regime very well: Margaret is a good listener, taking a comprehensive medical history before tailoring treatment to my specific needs. I never felt rushed during visits, and often became so relaxed that I dozed off. The process of IVF is very stressful both physically and psychologically. Margaret’s knowledge, warmth, and fine sense of humor strongly contributed a positive outcome: Our little daughter, Daphne, was born in April 2009.


I came to Margaret at the recommendation of a friend who suggested that she may be able to help me healthily conceive and carry a child after enduring two miscarriages. I’d had one successful and straightforward pregnancy, and the two miscarriages were both explained by western medicine as “bad luck.” Technically, there was nothing wrong and no medical treatment was necessary. At the same time, I felt depleted physically and emotionally, and I wanted to address both my overall well-being as well as to prepare my body to carry a second child to full term.

Margaret has thoughtfully and compassionately addressed my overall health with a specific focus on preparing my body to carry a child. She is an excellent listener who asks insightful questions in her diagnoses. In my case, she has connected a number of ailments and symptoms that had otherwise seemed random, and she has been able to address the underlying causes of my pregnancy losses and other related issues and symptoms, including general exhaustion and malaise.

Throughout my treatment over the past year, Margaret has patiently listened to my input, however inchoate at times, and she takes as much time as needed to answer my questions and respond with great answers and suggestions. She balances her clinical posture with warmth, discussing the widest range of issues, however delicate, with great respect for my curiosity and concern. She is incredibly invested in my well-being, which is reflected in her great memory detail, quick responses to my email questions, requests for updates between appointments, and flexiblity to make her schedule work to provide her best care.

I am still amazed at how much better I feel physically and emotionally through the combination of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and a revised vitamin regimen. My sleep, mood and energy have improved tremendously, and Margaret has kept a careful eye on my general well-being…as well as my pregnancy! I now joyfully and thankfully anticipate the birth of my second child in just a few weeks, with great gratitude to Margaret for her expert care to prepare for and to sustain this precious child inside.


I’ve been seeing Margaret now for almost 6 years, through my first child’s toddler-hood, the unexpected challenges of conceiving my second child and the subsequent post-partum depression I faced after her birth. I don’t know how I would have managed to get through all of this as well as I did without her. Her ability to listen compassionately and advise thoughtfully are truly unique qualities. Throughout these years I’ve had countless doctors visits and always marvel at how different and special my experience is in Margaret’s office. I know longer look for reasons to come see her; I see her now because I know how much better I’ll feel after our appointment.