Spring 2018


Happy Spring. 

What a long winter that was, too. Flowers are in full bloom and plans are set for good summers all around. This is the nature of the The Year of the Dog, busy, active and on the go. If you're born in a dog year (1970, 1982, 1994, 2006) this is your time. Prepare for mostly harmonious relationships and pay off for your loyalty. 

Not a Dog? Me neither, but I'm still finding it's a time for hard work, taking comfort in the important relationships ('Human's Best Friend', and all) and the pure pleasure of finding fun wherever possible. Think Snoopy. That's got to be good.

So, let's keep this good thing going. I have even more tools to keep you healthy, having finished an amazing two-and-a-half years of study with a world expert in dermatology and autoimmune disorders - a tremendous boon to my patients. 

One of the other constant sources of inspiration is my own effort to age with grace and good health. Let's be clear: I'm not that old, but, still that's what the process is called! So, with every mile I jog (6th half marathon is this Spring, yes!) each OM on the yoga mat, and every Citi Bike errand I run (yes, with a helmet) I'm thinking of how to use Chinese medicine to benefit the process. I am very confident that I can help you do the same (young and old alike).